Vendor Shoe Success? Narsha Liebchen So-Som Ksy Price notes
      52 mm 50mm 17mm 80mm   add 5mm to fit
AudreysDolls 100 Series-French Toe with Rosette YES 49mm 49mm   87mm $ 2.84 narrow shoe, fits liebchen snug but perfect in the width! Narrow on Ksy
  Playhouse - 6000 Series YES 52mm 52mm   82mm $ 5.25 really great fit on Ksy. A bit wide on Liebchen, good on Narsha, elastic strap too loose
  Monique - Floral Boots - MT7013 NO     25mm/12mm   $ 3.68 fits blythe though
  Monique - Ballet - 725 NO     25mm/14mm   $ 3.50 fits blythe though
  Global Dolls - Tiniest Leather French Shoes YES     20mm   $ 6.30 perfect so-som fit!
  Kemper - Seeley Lace-Up Slipper - Eve Shoe NO 50mm 50mm     $ 4.87 no give, too small
  Kemper - Blue Fairy MaryJane - BFMJB YES     22mm   $ 5.08 super cute but a little roomy, better with little socks?
Minoru World Minoru World YES     POCKETFAIRY UNOSS   perfect Ksy fit!
Leeke Leeke Mary Janes LS-004A_Black_13 NO       SD13/Unoss   too tight, fit unoss though
Luts CASTLE WALK' For BOY (S.Black) NO       SD13 Boy $36.00 too narrow: Inner foot length: 9.6 cm
  3 EYELET BOOTS' For BOY (Pearl Pink) YES       SD13 Boy $32.00 wide toe! Inner foot length: 8 cm
  PARAGON ANKLE' For MNF (Brown)             Inner foot length: 6.6 cm
  5 EYELET BOOT' For CUTIE (S.Black) NO 50mm 50mm     $24.00 omg, no! What was I thinking!?!?! Inner foot length: 4.5 cm
Mattel Kelly YES     YES      
  Mini Living Dead Dolls YES     YES